Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Welcome To Royal Metals Group

The Trusted Name In Precious Metals

Royal Metals Group was formed by Trusted Financial Advisors and insurance agents who were driven to meet their client's need for a stable portfolio in these turbulent economic times. Royal Metals Group utilizes the Trusted Advisor approach to help educate clients about precious metals investment. Royal Metals Group assists agents and clients through every step of the investment and acquisition process. We have dedicated ourselves to this mission. We provide a safe and secure online environment to make precious metal investments that benefit our clients. The Royal Metals Group offers its tremendous service through you, the client's Trusted Agent / Advisor. No one knows the client's financial needs and desires better than you. The Trusted Agent / Advisor is positioned to make the recommendations that best fit your client's needs. At Royal Metals Group, we believe that precious metals should be a part of every client's portfolio. We believe that as much as 20% to 40% of every clients portfolio should be in hard assets to provide protection from market loss, inflation, and a fluctuating currency. Please view our Videos and Articles sections to learn more about these topics. See why your clients need precious metals to stabilize their portfolio today.

Built for the Trusted Advisor

Royal Metals Group is the only precious metals dealer that offers Insurance Agents, Registered Financial Advisors, CPA's and Estate Planning Attorney's a web-based solution. It’s so unique, that we have patented the process! Financial advisors and insurance agents recognize that clients need precious metals in their portfolio. At Royal Metals Group, we help your trusted financial advisor/agent help you. Royal Metals Group is pleased to offer physical precious metals for the protection of hard earned money in an uncertain market. Get the best advice from the one you already trust!