Monday, December 10, 2012

QE4 to Infinity 12/12/2012

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Another FOMC Meeting today and yesterday, The Federal Reserve is going about business as usual. This time its to Print and spend 45billion a month to buy Treasury Bonds. Who else is going to buy them? China, Japan? not anymore. Its becoming clearer by the day that The Private Central bank we know as the Federal Reserve is becoming less of a "LENDER OF LAST RESORT". Looks like the Bond Market is in a Little trouble here. A big problem I have is that Inflation is going to be Hyper-inflation soon. The Dollar got weak as the Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke and the Indicies rose slightly ie; the Dollar was weaker because of the 45 billion printed and Inflation hit the Indicies and gave them a boost. One day this is all going to come crashing down, Hyper-Inflation is coming and the Policy Makers of this once great Country are not doing their jobs......

Say Hello to QE4