Monday, March 11, 2013

BitCoin: Is It Real? The Debate

The Real Debate of BitCoin

BitCoin: Is It Real? The Debate (Click For More)

What Do You Think? What Is Perceived?

Author opinion, although the BitCoin phenomenon is real and is acting as an alternative currency it seems to me very compelling that it doesn’t measure up to precious metals physical. As an acting alternative it does do well on a limited basis.
1. What if your coin mining computer was hacked or stolen?
2. What if during a currency crisis and citizen uprising online access was denied?
3. What if this alternative currency became a huge phenomenon wouldn’t governments co-opt the frenzy?
4. What if the founders decided to dilute this alternative currency?
5. What if BitCoin wasn’t fun to hold anymore?
As a physical precious metals advocate, competing currencies to the dollar and its future inevitable collapse is very important.