Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Silver Updates 4-14-2013 by Rusty

Silver Updates 4-14-2013 by Rusty

I want to Thank Everyone for getting my Youtube Channel RustysMetals  over 50,000 views.  I think this is awesome. 

Here is a short video about my opinion on what is going to happen in the Silver paper and physical markets.

First, Silver and Gold will see another hit this week.  I believe towards 19-20 dollars.  Second the Last COT commercials report Bullion Banks have start to unload their Short Positions.  In other terms Bullion Banks Have Started to Load Up on Long Positions.

We will have to see where the price ends up in the next week or two, but in the next COT report if Bullion Banks trend keeps up and increases that trend we might have seen a bottom soon and

Everyone that is a gold and silver bug will start to enjoy much higher prices to come.

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Where do you think Silver and Gold are Headed?