Saturday, May 31, 2014

U.S. Debt Out of Control, "Gold is Catastrophe Insurance" | Rick Rule (Encore)

IN THIS INTERVIEW: - Recovery in the precious metal sector is coming (1:11). - U.S. bonds are "return free risk." Gold, silver, platinum, & palladium are "so...

When your rate of return on Bank CD's is 1/2% and Inflation is upwards of 5,6,7% you cannot win

by putting your money into the Bank.

Precious Metals is the solution to hedge against Inflation and gives you security against the next

credit crisis.

What happens when the Silver and Gold London Price Fix Ends?

Keep in touch and we will find out!

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• It’s the Consumer, Not the Weather!

• Weakening Economy Should Hit U.S. Dollar Hard, Boost Gold

• First-Quarter Gross Domestic Product Fell by 1.0%;Gross National Product Tumbled by 2.1%; Gross Domestic Income Dropped by 2.3%

• Before Inflation Adjustment, Nominal First-Quarter GDP Gained Just 0.3%

• Pending Trade Data and Revisions Should Help to Set Negative Tone for Second-Quarter GDP and the GDP Benchmark Revision