Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Avoid Counter-Party Risk With Precious Metals

Counter-party risk is a type of currency risk between two party's here is an example:

Today, the Canadian Mint stopped using the Penny.  Many Citizens of Canada are now  holding the bags of Billions of Penny's.  Electronically you still pay to the "Penny" when buying with Credit or Debit but if you want to pay with that handful of change you are directed to round to the nearest Nickle.  Why has this happened?
MoxNews: Canada Stops Using The Penny!

Inflation, it costs the Canadian Mint more to make the Penny in terms of Dollars than its face value. The Penny is made today of Steel Alloys and has a flake of Copper to make it look like the Old Copper Penny.    So what we have here is the Penny has become obsolete in the face of currency devaluation.  In my opinion all this is "OK" because the Canadian Penny does not contain any Precious Metals and its "worth" is based on Confidence anyways. As Governments and Central Banks around the world are busy printing money and devaluing their Currency the Penny is first to go.......

"A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned!"  As the old expression goes but because of the Inflation occurring it has changed to, "A Copper Penny Saved is .03 cents Returned"

Here we have an American Bourbon Bottle Filled with American "Copper Penny's" well worth saving and holding because it has all Copper contained in them.  These are all Pre-1982 Copper Penny's and avoids Counter-Party Risk of Government Devaluation of its underlying Currency.  The Copper Penny holds its value and goes up in value as worthless denominations have been stripped of all its Precious Metals.  Each Pre-1982 Copper Penny is worth appx .03 cents and I would speculate because money printing has escalated the Future Value of the Copper Penny will not only hold its value but increase drastically. Soon the American Penny will be taken out of circulation as well. Does this concern you?  It is concerning me and others that the American Currency has been stripped of all of its worth and has been replaced by debt or the Federal Reserve Notes backed by Nothing!

The Last American Denomination still holding Precious Metals is the "Nickle". Amazingly the Nickle is still made of Nickle and is worth saving as well because it costs to the Mint is appx .11 cents to produce.  Both the American denominations of the Penny and Nickle are slatted to be scrapped. So save your Copper Penny's and Nickles and avoid the Counter-Party Risk of Inflation and Devaluation of worthless Debt based Currency's.

What Really Happened?

Before JFK was Terminated from his Presidency Silver coins were minted and were still viewed as Real Money.  Because of the drop in surpluses and increased Industrial Demand of Silver on June 4th, 1963 JFK signed the Executive Order #11110 disconnecting the Federal Reserve from its roll of creating debt based money and started to circulate the Silver Certificates. Nearly 4 billion of Silver Certificates were scheduled  to be the debt less money supply and cut the Federal Reserve from its roll of Coining Money.  JFK was Assassinated only 5 months later and the Silver Certificate was taken out of circulation and killed.....

The Constitution gave the authority of Congress to Coin Money, but because of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the Illegal Ratification of the 16th Amendment. The "Privately Owned" Federal Reserve has been given the authority to coin money ever since.  We have a debt based currency now.   Silver after 1964 was taken out of circulation and now the dimes, quarters, and dollars have no Precious Metals in them.  You can still find these coins in coin shops around the country and is now known as "JUNK SILVER".....  This should give you an idea of what we are dealing with in this debt based monetary supply perpetuated by the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve answers to no-one not even Congress!  This Fractional Reserve Monetary Policy is corrupt and Taxes the People in the form of INFLATION.......

                               16th Amendment - The Law That Never Was

Avoiding Counter-Party Risk is going to be essential for survival in the coming years.  Buy some Junk Silver, and use these coins as your savings account.  If you can convert all your current Debt Dollars into Gold and Silver you will break the chains of a coming Dollar Collapse.

In most financial contracts, counter-party risk is also known as "default risk"

Look at what happened to all the Bank defaults in the past few years.  Witness all the people who lost their life savings when they trusted the contracts of large financial institutions Such as the MFGlobal Default.  Look and open your eyes to what the Federal Reserve Debt Based System is doing to Inflation and the increasing National Debt.  Print and Print some more is the motto creating more debt and stabbing the American Public into submission through Inflation, the increased Power and Control created through debt.  The Federal Reserve is now buying worthless debt, only by printing it but where you should be concerned is that money they print is turned around and used against the American Public by charging interest on that debt created out of thin air.

We should all wake up to this corrupt system and  supply Debt less  money into circulation.  A monetary system without debt is key to our Country's future.  The Federal Reserve took copper out of the penny took silver out of dimes, quarters, and dollars.  and the last standing coin with Precious Metals is the Nickle and that is scheduled to be scrapped soon as well because it costs to much to produce.  What are you going to do when the Dollar Crashes and you cannot buy the simplest of goods and services?  Buy Gold and Silver today and become your own Central Bank debt free and keep inflation in check.

                                                             All Money is Debt - Bill Still

Becoming your own Central Bank is easy and provides Protection from Counter-Party Risks. It will protect you from bank failures, Inflation, and breaks the chains of Debt based money.  It will protect you from inflation and allows you to preserve your wealth. Allows you to save real money without being taxed and separates you from the traditional interest bearing savings accounts which after inflation you actually lose money through dollar printing.  Provides For Freedom where none existed before.This debt based system is doomed for failure.   Precious Metals is real.  The Federal Reserve Note or the Dollar bill is criminal and is not money but is a form of debt.  Every Dollar in Circulation is actually owed to someone else and does not resemble real wealth in any way.

RustysMetals, Unchained