Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Real Economics of Silver

BullionBullsCanada.com:  SgtReport gets another awesome Interview.  Jeff Nielson are Govt managing demand in the Physical Silver Markets? Silver is smashing sales records and Govt Lies about what was the real Contraction of the GDP?  Could the numbers be fudged in the same way the Unemployment is Fudged?  Its likely that the Contraction could be as high as 4-5%.  For the reason that why would the Govt tell the truth in any case?  It seems our leaders have been used to this game and are continuing to Lie because they have gotten away with it before.

BrotherJohnF: Silver Update, Silver Economics "what is the real price of Silver?"

Eric Sprott Speaks to CNBC’s Gary Kaminsky About Gold & Silver « Financial Survival Network

If demand of Physical Gold And Silver keeps pace suppliers will eventually run out of product to sell.  Great news for the Precious Metals Market.  2013 looks like to be a breaking year to the Banking Cartels trying to keep prices of these metals down with paper contracts.  What is going to happen when JPMorgan and HSBC have to give up naked shorting Silver and Gold because it is a definite losing game?  How is the Federal Reserve banks going to handle surging demand of Govt's wanting their Gold Back?  Are the Central Banks holding this Supposed Gold in Reserves going to have to go to the open market to purchase the Demanded product.  If so it could be a game changing event for the Banking Cartels.

Who stole the American Dream?

BrotherJohnF: Creator of the Silver Update issued Silver Reserves, Debunking the Viral video of why there is not a Silver Shortage. Very Nice Counterargument  BrotherJohnF explaining Silver Reserves. 

Here is a InformedTrades Video that went viral explaining why Ted Butler is Wrong about a coming Silver Shortage. As BrotherJohnF explains why is a couple of Forex Guys Making a Silver video against Ted Butlers Predictions of Coming Silver Shortages?

Peter Schiff and 2013 Predictions of the Coming Dollar Collapse.